Saturday, July 18, 2009

Studio on the Hill

Oh what joy it is to have a little space to be yourself, listen to old music, create and be inspired! Surrounded by artwork by friends and a few of my own seconds I could not be happier. My husband made this little studio for me a few years ago with left over cedar planks and blue pine. It has little crank windows, turquoise shelves and the softest lemony walls. I sit at a old 50's chrome and yellow laminated table rolling out my clay and making whatever comes to mind. Two guardians sit at the covered porch dreaming of bones and cats to chase. In the summer time I crank open my windows and listen to the birds sing. It is mostly peaceful except of course my music! In the wintertime I have a little radiator heater to keep the small space warm and love hearing the patter of rain against the windows. I recently was given the most wonderful magazine called "Where Women Create"- it is such fun to take a peek into someone's special space. So many little clues to their persona there. I would love to hear where you love to create!